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「健樂社社員在參與表達藝術小組過程中感受到前所未有一場內在心靈的愉快旅程」Mr. Dennis Leung , Chairman, Kin Lok Club

「Sandy 溫柔和善、說話語氣舒緩、語言平和、親和力極強,一接觸就會產生親近感及信任感。健樂社社員在參與表達藝術小組過程中感受到前所未有一場內在心靈的愉快旅程,讓身心都可以在安全的環境下得以釋放負面情緒,從而可以藉著緬懷過去,放下所有包袱,以無懼態度迎接未來。真的是一場開心的愉快旅程,再次謝謝 Sandy!」 健樂社主席梁耀開先生 Mr. Dennis Leung , Chairman, Kin Lok Club 健樂社是一個支援鼻咽癌患者及康復者的非牟利組織 Kin Lok Club is a non-profit organization that supports nasopharyngeal cancer patients and survivors

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「回看會員的分享:『我學會了勇於嘗試及面對自己,不再逃避。』我看到了Sandy帶領的表達藝術治療小組,對我們的會員帶來積極幫助。」Eris, S.S. Lau, Chief Executive, Hong Kong AIDS Foundation

「Sandy運用表達藝術治療介入方式,為我們中心會員舉辦過多個小組活動:《同路支援》、《認識自己、發掘潛能》及《認識情緒、釋放壓力》。活動結束後,參與會員分享,表達藝術治療小組讓他們在了解自己、抒發情緒、紓緩壓力、內心啟示、多元思考及創意運用上,都能帶來正面幫助。回看會員在活動意見問卷調查表上寫下的分享:『小組讓我更了解及反思自己的生活及人生,對訂立目標有幫助。』、『我學會了勇於嘗試及面對自己,不再逃避。』、『Relax, review and reset』。從會員的分享中,我看到了Sandy帶領的表達藝術治療小組,對我們的會員帶來積極幫助,達致我們原定的治療目標。」 香港愛滋病基金會總幹事劉燊燊女士 Eris, S.S. Lau, Chief Executive, Hong Kong AIDS Foundation 香港愛滋病基金會為一所非政府社會服務機構,旨在遏止愛滋病病毒的蔓延,以及為受愛滋病病毒影響的人士提供支援服務。 Hong Kong AIDS Foundation, a non-governmental social service organization, aims to limit the spread of HIV infection in the community and provide support for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

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“After understanding certain individuals’ distress and personality conflicts, our company was able to create a

“Sandy helped our company to organize a half-day staff relationship enhancement session, which involved a range of self-evaluation, personality assessment and team interaction exercises. Our staff found the session extremely interesting and enlightening. During the course, Sandy and her teammates scheduled a series of interactive programs aiming at improving cognitive and sensorimotor functions. Our staff […]

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