Expressive Arts Therapy

How to find a registered Expressive Arts Therapist?

Expressive Arts Therapy is different from art interest classes. In addition to mastering different artistic creation features, Expressive Art Therapists also need to have psychotherapy skills, including assessment needs, setting treatment goals, designing treatment plans, facilitating the clinical process, follow-up, etc. A registered therapist needs to receive long-term professional training and clinical supervision, who must also obtain a master’s degree from a local recognized university or academic institution to provide related psychotherapy services.

After obtaining a relevant master’s degree from an accredited university, graduates can apply for a professional registration from the two international professional institutions ANZACATA or IEATA. The professional qualification certified by ANZACATA is a Registered Arts Therapist, while the professional qualification certified by IEATA is a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist. Service users can ask your therapist to provide the professional membership number, or you can contact the following two professional organizations ANZACATA (
or IEATA ( to check your therapist’s professional qualifications.

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